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Note: Characters, the magical world, etc, is property of J. K. Rowling, not me. No copyright infringement is intended. I'm just playing with Jo's toys in her sandbox. These were a few of the shorter drabbles I wrote as requests from my friends list. :) There are quite a few more, but I'm going to spread them out over a few posts so that it doesn't look too cluttered in just one.

Unrequited Love
Something More
Trust Me

Lost ; Ron/Hermione, G (149 words) -- requested by sensations (here)

Ron comforts her in their darkest hour, in that short time that somehow seems longer than any other moment they've faced Voldemort. Harry is believed to be dead and they are all lost. What chance do we have without him? they murmur. Her shoulders shake violently against his broad chest when someone speaks his name, and his clumsy fingers manage to comb through her curly, brown hair in a way that feels too comfortable and familiar.

Later, when the war is over and he's standing on the battlefield, Ron hates that he feels like so much had been lost in the process that he can't enjoy the victory. Hermione explains to him that it's part of winning. "You have to lose things to win things." He doesn't say anything in response. Instead, he presses his warm palm against her cold one and laces his fingers in the empty spaces between hers.

Unrequited Love ; Harry/Hermione, G (195 words) -- requested by lelymarques (here)

You watch her sitting on the lawn in front of the school five years after the battle and somehow she is exactly the same yet completely different. She's dressed in crimson robes and a yellow flower is tucked in her hair, which is now pulled up into a messy bun. (She always does that when she's deep in thought.) Her lesson plans for her next Transfiguration class are spread across her lap and you don't think she's ever looked more beautiful. Ron used to love her best when she was dressed up (the blue dress she wore to his brother's funeral is his favorite), but not you. Those crimson robes brought out the blush in her cheeks and the hair piled on top of her head let everyone know she didn't want to be bothered, not even by that bushy mane you loved to run your fingers through.

She finally notices you standing a few feet away, and waves you over with crooked fingers and a relaxed smile. You don't regret accepting the job as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor for a single second when you get to spend every free moment with her.

Something More ; Draco/Hermione, PG-13 (103 words) -- requested by moonstruck_t (here)

It wasn't supposed to happen like this. He wasn't supposed to act charming and witty, and she wasn't supposed to smile at his attempt at joking. He wasn't supposed to sneak peeks at her out of the corner of his eye and she wasn't supposed to catch him doing it. He wasn't supposed to drag her into another room and kiss her like his life depended on it, and she wasn't supposed to pull his shirt over his head quicker than she could spell her name. They weren't supposed to do this every night for two years before he admitted to wanting more.

Trust Me ; Ron & Luna, G (178 words) -- requested by whoopsallgone (here)

After the war, Ron doesn't really sleep. When he does finally pass out at the kitchen table or on the stairs, it's a restless sleep. He dreams of Fred and Bill and You-Know-Who. One night he awakens with a shout and finds Luna sitting beside him, humming a soft tune he's never heard before. She wordlessly hands him a glass of blue liquid he's never seen before and he eyes it warily.

"It'll help you sleep," she says quietly. "No dreams... no nightmares. Trust me, Ron." The way she says it makes him want to drink it, to sob for his brothers, to just trust her. She wraps his large hands around the glass and ruffles his messy red hair before skipping the rest of the way up the stairs, shutting the door of Ginny's bedroom behind her.

Without any more thought about it, Ron swallows the cool liquid in one gulp and waits to fall into a restful sleep, his last conscious thoughts of Luna and how, oddly enough, she easily she fit into his close circle of friends.
Tags: character: luna lovegood, character: ron weasley, pairing: draco/hermione, pairing: harry/hermione, pairing: ron/hermione, type: drabble
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