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a dozen white roses ; pairings: sirius/lily, james/lily word count: 671 words rating: pg notes: for angeldylan628
if only there was a cure for broken hearts, he thought to himself, but at least they’d always have white roses.

all i need ; character: sirius black word count: 328 words rating: pg-13 notes: for delacourt
"he's fine. just needs a good shag. after that, he'll be back to his usual activities soon."

come in with the rain ; pairing: scorpius/rose word count: 606 words rating: pg notes: for infenso
the two stumbled back up to the school, the umbrella and her copy of hogwarts, a history long forgotten.

four kisses draco stole (and one he didn't have to) ; character: draco malfoy word count: 1974 words rating: pg notes: for hp_fivethings
draco was promising things he had no control over. he always did that when he wasn't sure if things would end in his favor.

harder to breathe ; pairing: draco/hermione word count: 727 words rating: pg-13 notes: for spadul
she could barely breathe and she knew she couldn't take the close proximity of his body, his hands, his mouth for much longer.

i love you, but i've chosen darkness ; pairing: draco/hermione word count: 131 words rating: pg notes: for vegetasbubble
"i refuse to live in a dungeon, malfoy. you're not a vampire. a little light won't kill you."

in your arms ; pairing: harry/luna word count: 90 words rating: g notes: for indiemelece
this is the last place you expect to be when the war finally ends.

lost ; pairing: ron/hermione word count: 149 words rating: g notes: for sensations
hermione explains to him that it's part of winning. "you have to lose things to win things."

magical memories ; characters: the marauders + lily, harry word count: 730 words rating: pg-13 notes: incomplete/abandoned
the time has come for you to enter a world and watch four boys change each other's lives forever.

no boundaries ; pairing: scorpius/rose word count: 367 words rating: pg notes: for drcjsnider
"probably looking for a love potion. he already determined i wasn't under the imperius curse when we were in the dining room."

on their wedding day ; pairing: scorpius/rose word count: 350 words rating: g notes: for sortinghatdrabs
It's been nine long months since Scorpius got down on one knee and asked Rose to be his wife.

silent night ; pairing: draco/asteria word count: 438 words rating: pg-13 notes: for the_birdnest
as she rubbed her palms and fingertips over his pointed shoulder blades, asteria whispered a breathless "merry christmas" against his lips.

something more ; pairing: draco/hermione word count: 103 words rating: pg-13 notes: for moonstruck_t
he wasn't supposed to sneak peeks at her out of the corner of his eye and she wasn't supposed to catch him doing it.

that would be crazy ; pairing: draco/hermione word count: 393 words rating: pg-13 notes: for vapored
her shoulder was pressed against his chest when she felt him chuckle softly, his warm breath causing the small hairs on her neck to stand on end.

the warmth of a weasley family christmas ; characters: harry, teddy word count: 915 words rating: g notes: a very old ficlet
sometimes warmth can fill you not only because of a fire in the fireplace, but because of a child's simple words.

trust me ; characters: ron, luna word count: 178 words rating: g notes: whoopsallgone
one night he awakens with a shout and finds luna sitting beside him, humming a soft tune he's never heard before.

unrequited love ; pairing: harry/hermione word count: 195 words rating: g notes: for lelymarques
you watch her sitting on the lawn in front of the school five years after the battle and somehow she is exactly the same yet completely different.

weight of it all ; character: james potter word count: 169 words rating: pg notes: for bleutopia
saying goodbye was one of james potter's least favorite things in the world.

you try so hard to remember what it feels like to be alive ; character: lily evans word count: 975 words rating: pg notes: not beta-read
it's gotten to the point where you cry every time he leaves. "this time could be the last time," you always say.

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